(January 14, 2018) Supreme Dow, President, Black Writers Association,
“The Conquest of the Writers of Philadelphia,”
Sunday, January 14. 4PM

(January 28, 2018) Dr. Molefi Kete Asante, Professor, Temple, “The Egyptian Origin of the Yoruba, Igbo, Peul, and Zulu: Recent Researches”
Sunday, January 28. 4PM


(February 11, 2018) Dr. Amari Johnson, Assistant Professor, Temple, “Asa Hilliard and the Maroon Within Us: A History of Resistance!”
Saturday, February 11. 4PM

(February 25, 2018) Dr. James Peterson, MSNBC Contributor, Black Studies Director and Professor, Lehigh University,
“How Trump’s Policies Affect the Black Community,”
Sunday, February 25. 4PM

MARCH 2018

(March 4, 2018) Dean Lasana Hotep, Skyline Colleges, “Racism without Racists:
Being Black in the Era of Trump,”
Sunday, March 4. 4PM

(March 11, 2018) Dr. Molefi Kete Asante, “The Dangers of the Re-entry of Zimbabwe into the World Economy: An Assessment”
Sunday, March 11. 4PM

(March 18, 2018) Dr, Ama Mazama, Professor and Graduate Director, Temple,
“How Can We Bring About an African Renaissance?”
Sunday, March 18. 4PM

APRIL 2018

(April 8, 2018) Dr. Aaron Smith, Assistant Professor, Temple,
“Barack Obama: Black in the White House”
Sunday, April 8. 4PM

(April 13, 14, & 15, 2018) African Film Festival,
Friday - Sunday, April 13,14 & 15. 4PM

MAY 2018

(May 13, 2018) PDr. V. Nzingha Gaffin, Professor, Cheyney University,
“Karakhamun: African American Kemetologists Digging for History,”
Sunday, May 13. 4PM

(May 20, 2018) Michael Coard, Esq., Prominent Attorney,
“The Crisis in the Political System: Current Legal and Political Issues”
Sunday, May 20. 4PM